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mare1 Reinou is our 17h.Erik daughter. Her bloodlines boast Ster and Ster + Pref throughout. Reina has produced 6 foals for us including Daam, Ster Stallion, Tylour-Grand Champion weanling colt (pictured) & Allure 1st Premie CH Filly. Her foals all exhibit long legs and the beautiful head and neck she throws. Reinou produced a beautiful 2011 Mintse filly for us.


Reinou fan Ferwalde (above)

Erik 351 Sport x Wypke





mare2 Panache is our baroque beauty.  She has a full pedigree and her grandmother is now Preferant. Panache is luxurious, feminine, elegant and has the grandeur, conformation and beauty that we love in the Wicher line .Panache produced a Sape filly for us in 2011.






Panache T. (above)

Teade 392 Sport x Cabernet (Wicher) Ster



mare3 Sterre is our imported 2005 Friesian mare.Her bloodlines are outstanding. Sterreā€™s mother is the well known Model mare, Nelly,(Wicher)  whose Mother is the infamous Model-Double Pref Mare, Pinksterblom by Oege (Pref). Sterre is tall, elegant and fancy with great conformation. Sterre produced a 2011 Colt by Mintse and is bred to Sape for 2012.


Sterre fan Bosksicht (above)

Andries X Nelly (Wicher) Model



mare4 Twarres is a beautiful Jasper mare with lots of hair. Her grace, good conformation and outstanding pedigree help make her a wonderful broodmare with great potential. She is quite fancy, elegant and has a great mother line. Twarres produced a fancy Lolke filly in 2011 and is bred to Sipke for 2012.



Twarres Gebrig Ineke B (above)

Jasper 366 Sport x Gerbrig Ineke B (Sape) Ster



mare5 Allure is our gorgeous 1st Premie Grand Champion filly. She wowed the crowd as a foal and presented herself to the judges with her head held high and her tail straight up in the air. Allure is graceful and bold with great conformation and an outstanding pedigree.


Allure BSF (above)

Mintse 384 Sport x Reinou (Erik 351 Sport)



mare6 Anne is a big, beautiful, fancy moving mare. Her impressive bloodlines include Jasper Sport 366, his impressive son, Beart 411 and the great mare line of Doet (ster + Pref). Anne is a tremendous edition to our broodmare band and we are looking forward to her 2012 Sape foal.


Annemiek Hannah Kula (above)

Beart 411 Sport x Romy fan Sjongwdyk (Nykle)